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Inks and coatings for flexographic linerboard printing


Inks and Coatings for Corrugated Printing

Magnum Inks & Coatings® offers a complete line of GCMI and Pantone® PMS colors, plus the ability to match custom colors quickly and accurately with our full in-house laboratory. Our products include standard, display, and economy lines of inks to match your application’s needs.


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Simulated Mottled White Coating - NEW PRODUCT

Coatings and overprints for rod coating applications

Magnum Inks & Coatings introduces Simulated Mottled White Coating. A revolutionary new product that is more opaque and a cleaner white than conventional mottled white, giving colors printed flexographically on our Simulated Mottled White Coating a brighter, cleaner appearance. 

Magnum’s Simulated Mottled White Coating can be applied to Kraft paper via rod coating and is an economical and cost-effective solution.

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