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VioClean is specifically designed for water-based and UV inks.

VioClean™ is a non-caustic, alkaline dissolver for flexographic inks, plates, press washing, and anilox rolls. It has a unique blend of surfactants and pH builders to dissolve ink on contact and that prevents re-deposition of the inks. VioClean is Low VOC, non-hazardous and ideal for packaging facilities in need of a green solution. VioClean is press-ready, nothing to add or dilute.

VioClean is designed to conveniently pump through the entire press system to prevent ink clogging in the pumps and anilox cells. As it is pumped through the press, it will penetrate deep down into the anilox cell up to 1200 line screen, rewet dried ink and suspend it so it will not re-deposit during the cleaning process.

  • Contains NO Caustic – Safe on Aluminum, Teflon, Photopolymer, Ceramic, Chrome, Brass & Copper
  • Exclusive Emulsification Technology that Prevents the Re-Deposition of Ink in Anilox Cells & Presses
  • Highly Concentrated – Non-Flammable – Non-Caustic

PROPER USE WILL:  Reduce Down Time & Increase Production Output – Reduce Ink Toning Time & Effort – Lengthen the Life of the Anilox Rolls & Printing Plates – Prevent Clogged Pumps, Drains, Hoses & Ink Pits

USE TO CLEAN*:  Anilox Rolls, Rubber Rolls, Printing Plates, Press Frames, Ink Pump & Pans, Doctor Blades & Chambers, Ink Hoses and Floors.

*Testing is always recommended before using VioClean.